In version 3.1, users with “Can export video” rights can export video by highlighting a specific segment of time on the Flex Timeline and choosing either “Export Highlighted Area” for a single camera export, or “Export Multi-Video” for exporting multiple video streams concurrently . When exporting a single video (aka “Export Highlighted Area”) users can choose the folder to export to, the filename, the format (.avi or .mkv), and whether or not to include a Timestamp. Multi-video export allows users to choose the folder to export to, the filename, and whether or not to make the file Read-only (i.e. cannot be used to export video clips). Multi-video exports are exported as a .nov file – which is a self-contained executable. The export feature also takes a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-if-what-you-get) approach. For example, if a user executes an export on a dewarped Fisheye camera stream the exported video will also be dewarped.

While it has been further improved in version 3.2, this advanced feature is just another reason why Wisenet WAVE is the choice of Allied Security Links for most customers.