Wireless Access Points

In this world of networks we live in, there are currently only three ways to connect to each other, a hard line (connecting either a cat5, cat6, or fiber line from point A to point B), through the internet, or through a wireless access point. Wireless access point technology has been around for years but has recently become more affordable and more reliable. More and more bandwidth is being allowed through and higher throughput wireless access points are starting to make more sense financially than in the past.

Internet Access Point

If you have a business that has limited or no wireless connectivity, wireless access points are a perfect fix. Not only do they expand your current wireless network, but they also give you the ability to manage areas of bandwidth, as well as control who can log on and for how long.

Internet Access
Point to Point

Point to Point

Whether you have two buildings you are trying to connect through a wireless network or an application requiring some out of the box thinking and engineering, we are here to help design and implement a system that is right for you. We have applications ranging from short distances of 100 meters to applications that are 25 miles apart from each other.

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