Video Surveillance

At Allied Security Links we specialize in the design and installation of high-end security camera systems. We focus strictly on Network Video Recorders or “NVR’s” and IP Megapixel Cameras. There are 1000’s of different IP Cameras and NVR products to choose from and just as many security integrators and alarm companies. Having this many options on such a broad range of products and companies can give anybody a headache when deciding on a solution for their situation. At ASL we specialize in this niche market. We have been installing camera systems since 2007 and NVR and IP megapixel solutions since the beginning of 2010. Every single one of our security consultants and installers are constantly being educated on new services and products. We feel it is very important to have our team members up to date on all of our products and services. Our ASL team attends training seminars every quarter and stays current with all of the current technology. We make it a priority that our team participates in multiple webinars every year. ASL’s goal is not to just put in a camera system and record video, but to help your business grow.

IP Megapixel Cameras

High definition 1080p technology is finally here! No more squinting your eyes to try and make out a blurry object or particular person. Those days are over. There are 1000’s of IP megapixel camera companies fighting for the opportunity to be installed at your business or residence. Rest assured that with over 2,000 plus IP Cameras installed by ASL we have done our due diligence with camera manufacturers to ensure that we can find the absolute best camera for your project. We only use a handful of manufactures which gives us a great deal of peace of mind when designing an NVR system, this kind of partnership is critical when you want to deliver a solid product. We always test any new products or technology before we recommend that product to anyone. Knowing the true limitations, reliability and expectations on each camera is another thing that sets us apart from the rest.

Hard Drive

Sometimes less is more! But in this case, you always want more. We have learned over the years this is not the place to start short changing. Using a solid proven Hard drive is a must. With our Enterprise Solution there is new File Ring patented technology that keeps files in uniform size which means faster file indexing.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Choosing what NVR is best for your situation is definitely one of the most important decision you or your company is going to be faced with. Picking the right NVR system will either make life simple, reliable and feeling great about your choice or it’s going to be a serious headache and have you feeling like you wasted your money. Picking out the correct NVR for your application is critical and will be ultimately one of the reasons you love your security company or you’re ready to give the next guy a shot. ASL spends a lot of time learning what these different systems can do and not do, so when its time to choose an NVR, ASL can help guide you on which one to go with, so you are not left feeling like you made the wrong choice.

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