Structured Cabling

Your business is growing, and that means more customers, more opportunities, and more attention on your company. The only problem: Your network was built for a smaller operation. As you add more devices, applications, and users, your IT environment will become increasingly difficult and expensive to manage. Even worse, as the network becomes more complex and overloaded, your users are likely to see sluggish performance and even outages. With more customers and employees depending on your business than ever before, a slow or unreliable network is simply not an option. You need an IT backbone that provides excellent performance, nonstop availability, and advanced security. The ideal network will be easy to manage, even as it supports more advanced features, and will be designed to grow with your company.  And all of this starts with your infrastructure.


There are basically two types of racks, open and enclosed ones. Open racks are going to be more affordable, provide easier access to equipment for maintenance, and are easier to keep cool. If you choose an open rack, be sure to keep your server room secure to prevent possible intrusion and vandalism. Then there are enclosed racks, virtually all modern floor, wall, and ceiling enclosures are featured with keyed entry, locking out any unauthorized personnel to prevent tampering. Side panels and doors are constructed of heavy cold rolled steel to prevent impact damage.

Patch Panels

Having your patch panels put in neatly and labeled correctly sounds like a no-brainer right? Wrong, a lot of companies fail miserably at this and you the end user always end up paying for this over and over with service calls and internet connectivity issues due to choppy installation and unorganized wiring. It’s the little things and attention to detail which sets ASL apart from our competitors.

Cat5e, Cat6e, Fiber

Running wire from point A to B is what we do, whether it’s a small office application with 10-20 drops or a brand new highrise with 1,000’s of drops, we are here to help you through the process to ensure that you get exactly what you need. All of the ASL team members are thoroughly trained on how to run Cat5 and Cat6. We follow all code standards and certify and test every single one of our drops so that you can be left feeling confident with your infrastructure.

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