Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Our state-of-the-art solar powered mobile video surveillance trailers offer an effective solution for businesses and government bodies that require fast deployment and portability.

Features and benefits of a mobile surveillance trailer.

  • Portable design for easy and rapid deployment to virtually anywhere.
  • Great for large gatherings such as sporting events, parades, and other special events.
  • Perfect for short term or temporary surveillance applications.
  • Dramatically reduces construction site theft of stolen materials and equipment.
  • Safety training, covert operations, law enforcement, police work, private security and parking lot security.
Our surveillance trailers are custom made and are equipped with most or all of the following features.
  • Long term video storage capacity.
  • Wireless communication through the local cellular networks.
  • Fully self-contained and include outdoor security cameras.
  • A long term independent battery power supply as well as solar back up.
  • Small in size and easily moved from place to place.