Here is actual footage of an Oil Spill we captured in West Texas using a megapixel bullet camera saved to a hard drive locally stored on a enterprise NVR Network Video Recorder. Whats unique about this project was we had no internet or cellular communication service where the cameras needed to be located. However we were able to create a wireless network 7 miles away by utilizing Point to Point Technology and because of that we were able to be view and save this video clip from offsite more than 8 hours away from the site.

This megapixel video clip we saved not only gave us vital information as to what and how this incident happened, it also took away the finger pointing that can usually be associated when things like this occur. Without a clear video back up it’s easy to point fingers and to second guess what really happened. This video gives clear evidence as to what happened and how. Now any supervisor can make an informed decision on what steps are necessary and what actions must be taken in order to prevent a costly or potentially even a deadly mishap. High definition megapixel cameras and NVR Systems are the wave of the future and are definitely changing how business operating. Think Safety, Efficiency, Operations and Security all tied into one system.

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