The City of Lakeway is a resort community nestled in the western corner of Travis County. Their award-winning parks and recreation programs and facilities include a Swim Center on over 9 acres. While the amenities include adult swimming pools, a children’s wading pool, two water slides, a concession area, restrooms, lockers, and more, the facility was also saddled with an outdated security system with less than optimal coverage.

With the busy central Texas swim season fast approaching, they turned to Allied Security Links to design and install an appropriate surveillance system using modern equipment and innovative solutions.

Comprehensive Approach and Innovative Solutions

ASL personnel toured the Swim Center, discussed the city and staff needs, and designed a customized solution. Working with key stakeholders, the design was refined to optimally balance budget and coverage concerns. The selected initial deployment provided intelligently-designed surveillance coverage to key areas using just ten carefully selected cameras

Key to achieving performant coverage within the budget was a multi-sensor 12-Megapixel camera from Vivotek. This unit combines four independent sensors in one camera to provide the most flexibility in surveillance monitoring from a single IP address. That allowed for improved coverage while helping to reduce total installation time and costs.

Also contributing to the success of the project was a wireless connectivity solution for the multi-sensor camera using the new NanoBeam ac from Ubiquiti. Its range and throughput capabilities allowed camera placement based on surveillance and operational needs without the hassle and interruption of underground cable installation, and ASL’s professional technicians were able to install and configure the NanoBeam system in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken.


Lakeway is thrilled with their new capabilities and confident that Allied Security Links was the right choice. ASL was able to meet the city’s budget and to complete installation and training on schedule. Future system expansion plans are already being designed and discussed.

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