Audio & Video Distribution

Today’s technology audio and video distribution is really pretty astonishing. What use to be impossible is now possible and in the very near future will become standard. The ability to manage all of your TV’s and monitors from one location and change all of your screens with just a push of a button is finally here.

HDMI/Cat6 Baluns

This is the component that will convert your TV’s HDMI port into a digital signal and will allow us to put that monitor on your network so that you can control it. Now that this industry has become more popular in the last few years we have noticed a wide range of converters come to the market. We have narrowed down our use to just a few different convertors, taking everything from price, warranty, and most importantly reliability, into account.

Managed POE Switches

Managed POE Switches

Here at Allied Security Links we only use gigabit layer 3 managed POE switches. ASL wants to ensure all our AV distribution projects are running at full speed with the absolute best and most reliable performance available.


Choosing the correct software to run your video wall and control all of your TV’s is definitely an important decision you will have to make. Since this is typically used on a daily basis, ease of use and reliability are the most important things to look for. Currently here at ASL we have two different software programs that we are trained in and would recommend.

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