Access Control

Do you need a brand new Access Control System? Is it time to upgrade that old dinosaur that has been in the office so long it’s almost considered an antique? ASL partners with just a few access control manufacturers. We research which systems are easy to navigate, have excellent warranties, new technologies, great customer support and are also cost effective. When we find these companies and products, we run with them and recommend them to all of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to design the correct system for all of our customers by asking the right questions, and to help you reach your expectations.

Door Strike / Mag Lock

This is the boring but important stuff, how your access control system is going to work ultimately depends mainly on one of these two devices. This is what will keep your doors shut, if the door strike of a mag lock fails, then your system fails.

Push Bar / Push Button Release

Another very important piece of the puzzle. Push bar and push button releases are required by code in some situations and frankly are required in order to open certain types of doors.

Access Control Software

This is going to be the brains of your system, do you need to handle 6 to 8 doors, or 200 doors. Having a good idea of how you plan on using your system and the size, will be a major factor in picking out the right software. Since this is where you or your IT guy will be spending a majority of your time, we know that it is super important that we partner up with companies that we can stand behind their products functionality, customer support and overall value.

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